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3/8/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 113

March 8, 2011

Isaac — 1418 grams

Molly — 1771 grams


Poor Isaac was not really enjoying his bath. He was pretty miserable these days, fussy and inconsolable to all but a few of us. Some of it was his medications. We only discovered later when he came off the meds just how much they agitated him. I also think he sensed our stress, though. We were certainly happy at the prospect of bringing Molly home, but nervous about caring for her and having to split our time between home and the hospital. His weight loss noted here was actually a good thing and a result of the diuretic Lasix, which helped him pee off the excess fluids he had been accumulating. Though we were so close to going home, it was evident that we still had very sick babies on our hands. They were much better than they had been, but they were still considered very sick.


Isaac, they tell me you were a big crab today, but you really like the swing. Don’t worry, we have one at home for you. Nana and Ann Cole both visited today, but we spent most of the day in the parents’ room with Molly, learning to take care of her so we can take her home. Daddy gave you a nice bath tonight, but you screamed bloody murder through the whole thing.


Daddy and I spent most of the day with you in the parents’ room learning to take care of you. You were a very good girl. You only had one heart rate drop while Nana was feeding you. Ann Cole came to visit, too, and she can’t believe how big you are. You got a bath tonight and we will get one final set of footprints for this book. Just two more days until you come home. I can’t wait.

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  1. March 8, 2011 11:32 am

    That’s so interesting to note the differences in your sweet little babes progress 🙂

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