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3/10/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 115

March 10, 2011

Isaac — 1440 grams

Molly — 1864 grams (4-pound mark)

Molly. Home. At last. We were overjoyed and overwhelmed. She was sound asleep in her car seat. It had been a big day for all of us. She was completely tuckered out, our big four-pound girl. We propped the car seat on the changing table and let her sleep. Later, when we finally got a second crib, we moved the changing table into a little room between our bedroom and nursery. It was like a large, long walk-in closet with no closet stuff in it that barely fit the changing table, a dresser and the two large oxygen tanks.


I love you, little pal, and even though I’m happy that we are taking Molly home, I am so sad that we have to leave you here. Somehow it seems like you are always getting ripped off. But you should know how much we love you. My heart almost breaks when I look into your beautiful little face. They are going to let you and Molly hang out in the same crib today. I know you will miss her and she will miss you. You have never really been too far apart from one another. These next few weeks until you come home are going to be a little sad for all of us. Let’s just look forward to when we will all finally be together.


TODAY’S THE DAY! Your last day in the hospital. The day we bring you home. You kept us up most of the night with your little squawks and cries. Everyone says we should have stayed home for one more good night’s sleep, but I needed to try things out here. I can’t believe this day has finally arrived. We’ll all be so busy for the next few hours. Daddy and I still have some running around to do. And  you will be having all kinds of tests: BSER (hearing), another eye exam, echocardiogram, and probably visits from Dr. Cole and Dr. Lum. But late this afternoon, we will come pick you up and take you for your first car ride to your very own home. The Silverman’s sent you a cute coming home present — a white and pink sleeper with little ruffles on the butt.

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  1. March 10, 2011 6:13 am

    Congratulations upon taking sweet little Molly home. We are sure dear little Issac will join her soon.

  2. March 10, 2011 8:12 am

    I’ve been following your blog since the first day. It is a treasure. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    My 30 weeker identical twin boys are 3 now. We took our first baby home 3 weeks before the second. Boy can I relate to feeling like the smaller guy is always getting ripped off. My guys are doing well now, but everything is just a little bit harder for my smaller guy. I still get that awful feeling nearly every day. I shouldn’t – he’s a vivacious, funny, (fairly) healthy and tough little person, but it breaks my heart that absolutely nothing has been easy for the little sprite.

    • March 10, 2011 8:24 am

      I know exactly what you mean. Isaac and Molly are 19 years old now and I still feel that way about him. Here’s the thing, though. I think you and are are both wrong to feel that way. They are individuals. We’re not in their skins, we’re just judging from the outside. Neither twins knows any different life than the one he (or in our case, she) is living. I’m still working on this all these years later, but it’s a lesson I know I have to learn. Isaac celebrates his life — just the way it is, and so should I. Thank you so much for reading and best of luck to you and your boys.

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