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3/13/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 118

March 13, 2011

Isaac — 1525 grams

Molly — Home


I loved taking care of Molly at home, but it was so hard to leave Isaac alone at the hospital. Getting the home nursing program set up proved to be a real challenge. In the beginning, the nursing visits were sporadic as we tried to get the insurance in place and the schedule worked out. On Molly's second full day home, we had no nursing, so I couldn't go visit Ike at all. Kenn stopped in briefly and reported back to me. Back at the hospital, getting Isaac to eat was still presenting problems — a harbinger of years of eating issues that we would face with him.


Mama had to stay home to take care of Molly, so Daddy came to visit you today. They tried something radical today — putting you on ad lib demand. The theory is that if you are allowed to eat whenever you want, you will take more by mouth. We will have to wait and see.



Home nursing notes:

Molly had a fair day today. She was very hungry and just couldn’t get satisfied. She was restless and didn’t really sleep much. She did have labored respirations and nasal flaring at times. Two episodes of low heart rate drops occurred; both after feeding (once she was dusky). She will be getting a SAT monitor tomorrow. Her color is usually very pink. I feel she works hard while she is eating and falls into a deep sleep. Also watch her position while feeding to be sure she isn’t all “scrunched up” so she can take deep breaths and so her diaphragm will work properly. She tolerated her exercises well, but does get pooped out! She is very sweet, like a little doll. I loved holding her. I hope she has a quiet weekend for her parents’ sake! Thanks. — Mary Kay

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