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3/15/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 120

March 15, 2011

Isaac — 1552 grams 

Molly — Home


Isaac was not having such a good time back on the ISCU, with his first weight loss in more than a week. He was still struggling with his feedings and I'm quite sure he sensed my tension about trying to be in two places at once. I also know now that he probably missed Molly. That sounds very new agey, I know, but they had a strong bond when they were little, one that became more and more apparent as time went on. In the meantime, back at home, Molly wasn't really enjoying her first bath in our peach and black Art Deco bathroom. Many people hated that tile, but it was in perfect condition and seemed to go with the house. Sadly, the carpeted bathroom floor was a whole other issue. We used that baby tub inside the big tub for years.


I’m sorry to say you are having another pretty miserable day. Not much seems to make you happy these days. You have just got to do a little growing. You need to learn how to coordinate your suck, swallow and breathe a little better. Some folks think you miss Molly. I know we haven’t been visiting you quite as much, but we think about you all the time.



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