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3/20/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 125

March 20, 2011

Isaac — 1647 grams 

Molly — 2020 grams with 2 arm boards 


After all the drama with Isaac in January and February, here we were preparing to bring him home and it was Molly who was making everyone crazy. Kenn was about at the end of his rope. I remember Dr. Gardner looking at him at one point and saying: "Now I'm going to talk and you're going to listen." Times were tense. But Ike was making big strides. We got great news about his eyes that turned out to be true — his retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) was resolving on its own and had regressed almost to normal. This picture is of Ike and me, with big brother Ian, with Isaac in his new handmade going home sweater. My friend Susan Wagner had it made for him and didn't believe anyone could be small enough to fit into it.


Good news from the eye doc — your ROP is now Grade I and you should have no vision problems.


You are still on the vent and hating every minute of it. Your eyes are swollen. Nobody seems to know what is really going on. Your Daddy is mad as hell and yelling at everybody. He just wants you to get better and come home soon. Everyone here is so sad and surprised that you are back and as sick as you are. They gave you a big dose of Theophylline today.

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