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3/21/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 126

March 21, 2011

Isaac — 1675 grams 

Molly — 2015 grams with 2 arm boards 


Our lovely neighbor Ann Marie gave us a second shower a little closer to home, in between Molly's first homecoming and Isaac's only homecoming. This is the quilt my mom made for Molly. The embroidered squares were antiques and she set them in between the nine-patches. Ike's quilt is pictured on the 2/2/92 post.


Grandma came for a visit. Mama is having a second baby shower tomorrow and you will get all kinds of good presents. Grandma thinks you are fussy because of the Similac formula. We will get you back on breast milk at home.


You are having a much better day today, Molly. Poor Lynn Mayberry, your primary nurse came in today and almost had a heart attack. Nobody told her that you were sick. But they took you off the vent, which made you much happier. Several doses of Lasix have taken your swelling down. They are not feeding you because you threw up this morning, so everything is through an IV again. But your color looks great and you are coughing up bad junk. Maybe a few more days and you can come home again.

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