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3/25/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 130

March 25, 2011

Isaac — Not weighed

Molly — 1905 grams with one arm board


And we are outta here. I don't look too happy, do I? That was Ike's nurse Karen taking the oxygen tank down to the car in front of the hospital. Hauling a baby and an oxygen tank around was never easy. Hauling around two babies and two oxygen tanks would take practice — but not yet. Still just one baby going home, one in the hospital. Sad as we were to leave Molly behind, it somehow seemed only fair to Ike that he got his own solo homecoming, too.


Going HOME!


We are taking Ike home today. Don’t worry. We’ll get you on Friday. Dr G says you are doing better than OK — you’re just fine now. We don’t really know what happened to you, but nobody is too worried. Dr. G says we don’t have to worry about your heart at all for some time to come. We will see what Dr. Cole and Dr. Lum have to say.

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