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3/26/92 — Our NICU Journey Day 131

March 26, 2011

Isaac — Home

Molly — 1940 grams with one arm board


Here's Kenn walking Isaac up to our house for the very first time. Still snow on the ground. See that minivan in the background — that was our big change for the twins. It was a Mazda and the big innovation it had over any other van at the time was four doors. It used to be that minivans only had a rear door on the passenger side. With two babies, two car seats, and two oxygen tanks, at least I didn't have to crawl over the back seat to buckle one of them in.




One more day, Molly, and we will all be home — a real family all together. Becky and Ian will be there, and we are picking Grandma up from the airport today. They stopped your Lasix. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. You tend to retain fluid and get all puffy.

Home nursing notes:

Hi, I’m back and trying out Molly’s counterpart, Ike. It’s a close call — one is  as cute as the other! Mom says he is a crab, but he had a good day. Sats 92-96.  Lugs still coarse. POs [feedings by mouth] well with encouragement (burps real well — so does Molly). The most he took was 50ccs at a feeding. He gets dusky when he stretches. Dad says that’s just Ike. On Theostat [theophylline] every 6 hours — Dad wants to change to every 8 because that’s what Molly will be on. Molly comes home tomorrow! — Mary Kay

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