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3/30/92 — Preemies at Home, Day 3

March 30, 2011


Here's Becky holding Ike. Suddenly she looks so grown up, already an old pro. That rocker was the center of our world, as Ike and Molly didn't move around the house much yet. The oxygen tanks were housed in a little room (sort of a walk-in-closet without the closet part) that was between our room and the nursery. We now had two cribs, having found an exact match to the one our friends Jim and Judi loaned us. They were white, Jenny Lind spindle cribs, and the rocker, a tall narrow bookcase and the two cribs were all that fit into the nursery. We were getting used to home, but still immersed in medical jargon. How many people do you know with their own ambu bag? In the note about us wanting to stretch out Ike's feedings, we were already knee deep in what would become a 10-year eating issue. We were in regular contact with Dr. Lum, and the theory of the moment was that he would only eat enough to take the edge off and then want to eat again in an hour. The hope was that by stretching out the time betweens feedings, he might be hungry enough to take in a good amount. That was the theory, anyway.

Home nursing notes:

Ike and Molly had good days. Ike was fussy off and on as usual. Parents would like us to stretch out Ike’s feeds some – not feed every hour. He is still having loos stools. Parents say Ike’s minimum intake (per Dr. Lum) should be 240 ccs/day.

We have an ambu bag. It is on the bottom shelf (between teh cribs). It is a pediatric size with a neonatal mask. Also for Karen R., please send in or take in the nurses notes and apnea sheets to the office on Wednesday, per Lynne M. Thanks. — Ruth

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