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4/5/92 — Preemies at Home, Day 9

April 5, 2011

You can see in this photo that Molly's eyes were getting puffy again — not from a hard night of partying, but from her heart issues, as we would soon discover.

The big red flag this day was Molly’s eating issues. She loved to eat and didn’t mess around about it, unlike her pokey brother. She usually sucked her bottle down and went back to sleep. But the nurses noted that it was taking her more than an hour for one feeding, and I had the same issues. Something was wrong, so we called Dr. Lum, even though we had just seen him a couple of days before. One of the statements that most endeared him to me as both a doctor and a person was what he said at the end of that first visit. “Every new mother is worried about her baby, and it’s important to learn to trust your instincts. Usually, in the beginning, most parents tend to overreact. With your babies, if you think something is wrong, it probably is. Don’t wait. Call me, day or night.” Clear instructions that we followed to the letter. It was such a comfort to not have to second guess myself. His note from this visit indicated that Molly “took bottle vigorously in office” — the girl did not like to miss meals. He prescribed Lasix and scheduled a followup for the very next day.

Home nursing notes:

Molly went to see Dr. Lum this AM. As the morning went on, I noted her eyelids to be puffy, RR @80/minute and it took her over an hour to take 60 ccs for feedings. I called Dr. Lum and he wanted to see her.

Dr. Lum put her on Lasix, 15 ml, one dose today and one in the AM. They have a 1:30 p.m. appointment on 4/6 to see him again. Ike received Mylicon at 10:30. No apnea for either baby.

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  1. Lori Prang permalink
    April 5, 2011 9:11 am

    How wonderful to have such a good pediatrician. That is a gift!

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