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4/8/92 (Day 144) — Preemies at Home, Day 12

April 8, 2011


This is one of my favorite pictures — Becky reading to Ike. He was still so fussy, despite the Mylicon, but he did love to be held and everyone took a turn.

Home nursing notes:


Molly was calm pretty much all day. Respiratory rate (RR) — 70s. O2 Sat at 1:30 p.m., 92%. Dr. Lum notified increased oxygen to 1/2 liter per nasal cannula. Her later O2 sats – 96%, RR — low 70s. Molly pink cent. & peripherally. Molly is taking a little less formula each feeding, 50-50 ccs, which might be good for now, because when she takes more her RRs go up into the 80s. Parameters to notify Dr. Lum if RR increases to 80s, if heart rate increases to 180s, if O2 sats go below 90%, or if there is a change in appearance.


Ike was fussy all morning. I think his tummy was bothering him. Extra dose of Mylicon given at 12:30. Ike quieted down about 20 minutes afterward and has been quite (pretty much) since.

They both got baths on days three days ago. I gave them both baths today. Thanks. Have a great shift! — Alisa

P.S. There is Neutrogena shampoo for Molly since she has a slight case of cradle cap.

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