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4/9/92 (Day 145) — Preemies at Home, Day 13

April 9, 2011

Isaac — 4 pounds, 4 ounces 

Molly — 5 pounds, 4 ounces 

This is what a fussy Isaac looked like. Poor Ike. Or perhaps, as the night nurse said, poor Molly. Really, poor night nurse. We were one day away from Ian's bar mitzvah, two days away from Isaac's bris and five days away from Molly's heart surgery.

Home nursing notes:

Hello! Molly had a fair night. No spells; stayed pink. Sats in the low 90s (86% one time). Heart rate stayed below 180. Respiratory rates generally in the upper 50-60 range; became labored at times and of grunting. Was awake and restless between 2 and 6 a.m.. Ike just fussed all night, so I pretty much held him all night, except when poor Molly needed attention, which was frequently. I tried to keep both as quite as possible so mom and dad could have a good night’s sleep, but I tell you, it wasn’t easy. Thanks. — Mary Kay

Dr. Lum’s notes from 4/9/92 exam:

Molly — Takes feeds, then fusses. Took only 60 ccs on the night shift, but took 100 ccs so far this morning. Now at 400 ccs a day intake. Had one low heart rate alarm; by the time parents arrived, she was pink and did not need stimulation. She was alert. Lowered facial puffiness and retractions better than two days ago. Chest with some crackles though less than two days ago. No weight changes. Improved with Lasix, though still tachycardic. Call Dr. Cole later today.

Isaac — crabby a couple of days ago, gassy. Appetite getting better. Now taking 350 ccs a day; had been 240 ccs. Seems fussy in between feedings. Development: fix/follow; no social smile yet; head up, just starting with shoulders. Feeds, first 10 ccs quickly, then 15-20 ccs in another 20-30 minutes. Chest clear; small abdominal hernia.

Later that day:

Ike and Molly went to Dr. Lum’s office today. Molly’s ASD is scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday, 4/14. She will be admitted Monday afternoon. She was also started on a low dose of dig. to help her out until surgery. Dr. Lum feels that the increased Lasix dose has been effective so far, but we are to watch closely for any further signs of increasing of congestive heart failure.  — Ruth

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