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4/16/92 (Day 152) — Children’s Memorial Day 4

April 16, 2011

Isaac — 4 pounds, 9 ounces 

Visit to Dr. Lum with Isaac.

Happier day — just four days earlier. This is my mom, who carried Molly around all day on the Sunday of Isaac's bris. No one else was allowed to touch her, partly because of the germ issues and partly because my mom was not about to let her go. We had shopped for that little pale pink lawn dress for days. It almost fit her and this photo doesn't do either of them justice. Molly's life seemed to be a series of hospital/home, hospital/home. We couldn't wait to bring her home again.

Home nursing notes:

Ike had an appointment with Dr. Lum today. He weighed 4 pounds nine ounces —  a weight gain of five ounces in one week. Dr. Lum was satisfied with his progress. He also OK’d PRN RA challenges per parents’ request. He also discussed with dad weaning O2 when sats are consistently 98% or higher, so please check Sats. He is aware of Ike’s frequent liquid stools and is not concerned since it is usually small to medium amounts.

Molly is still vented. She was changed to a cub vent today to get a better handled on her pressures and they pulled her drain. The plan is to get her off the vent this weekend. Thanks. — Ruth

Dr. Lum’s note about Ike’s visit

Takes 350-400 ccs per day. Oxygen Sats at 95-97%. Frequent watery small quantity stools. Checked, no change — still small abdominal hernia. Ear canals small and waxy. Plan review in two weeks with weight check.

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