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4/18/92 (Day 154) — Children’s Memorial Day 6

April 18, 2011

Remember this goofy picture way back from the end of January? Well, I found the actual glasses in a box of memorabilia that Kenn hauled out for me. Nothing like a little perspective — you can see here how big (or rather small) those glasses really are compared to a penny and the actual Polaroid photograph, but a few months back, Ike and Molly looked like Elton John wannabees in huge, oversized shades. In todays notes, Ike was still struggling with eating, although he did better on breast milk, which meant I was still pumping (even while visiting Molly at Childrens). He couldnt nurse because it consumed too many calories. We were trying all kinds of different formula because the pump didnt stimulate that much milk from me and we were hoping we could boost his calories through the formula. (BTW, his hair still grows really fast. We were starting to call him "Ike the Spike" because as his hair grew in, it stuck straight up on his head.) Alisas report on trying to wean Molly from the ventilator came from us. The staff at Childrens were making no efforts to try to wean her, and we werent quite sure why.

Home nursing notes:

Day — Feeding changed to breast milk full strength today per mom. Ike has been spitting up formula. I had difficulty getting a reading from the oximeter today. Kike had small, frequent, liquid stools today.

Evening (3 p.m. – 11 p.m.) — Ike had a good evening. He is really eating well. He should start growing as fast as his hair. O2 sats — 97%.

Skin color is pink, dry and warm. Taking breast milk stronger without difficulty. Does well with sucking and swallowing. Mom and dad leaving for the afternoon. Had a small amount of blood in loose stool. Burps well. Awake and a little fussy at 3:00 p.m. No episodes of apnea or bradycardia. Isaac slept from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m., when he was quiet and awake. No change in respirations or cardia status. Took 35 ccs [remember, 5 ccs/teaspoon, so his total feeding was about seven teaspoons] of breast milk at 8:oo p.m. without vomiting.

Molly is doing well. She is still intubated, but she is awake and not as fussy today as yesterday. Not much weaning done, but they hope to do more tomorrow. Have a good shift! — Alisa

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