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4/22/92 (Day 158) — Children’s Memorial Day 10

April 22, 2011

This is the main entrance of Childrens Memorial Hospital in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Its a beautiful building in a beautiful location. I hated it. There was nothing convenient about Childrens for me. You had to park across the street in the lot and pay for parking. Its on a congested six-corner intersection that seems backed up no matter what time of day you get there. I loved this part of the city when I lived there, but its built for pedestrians and public transportation. My time was too limited and unpredictable to take the El or the train into the city. I also remember that this entrance was often blocked and parts of the building were under construction, adding to the aggravation of getting around. Of course, all of this angst probably had more to do with my worry over Molly than the logistics of the situation. She had been here for 10 whole days now and nothing seemed to have changed since her surgery. We couldnt get answers from anyone. Ike wasnt having a great day either. The nurses experiment to take him off the nasal cannula to see how he would do on room air was not very successful. It didnt look like Isaac would be coming off of oxygen any time soon.

Home nursing notes:

Isaac was fussy off and on today. He is taking half breast milk and half formula. Going to try straight formula to see how it goes. Isaac didn’t spit up or vomit today with the 1/2 and 1/2. I guess that we’ll see how he does with full strength formula. Runny brown stool. Per dad’s request (per Dr. Lum), I took the nasal cannula off to see how Isaac would do. 97% O2 saturation with nasal cannula on. When nasal cannula was taken off, O2 sats dropped immediately to 92%. After five minutes, O2 sats bouncing between 87-91%. After seven minutes, O2 sats @86-87%. Respiratory rates elevated from 62 to 68. Nasal cannula put back on an O2 sats immediately increased to 97-98%. Have a good shift. — Alisa

Called Dr. Lum today, who changed Isaac’s vitamins from ViDaylin to PolyViFlor .25 mg.

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