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4/28/92 (Day 164) — Children’s Memorial Day 16

April 28, 2011

One of the things I did to keep myself from going crazy, as well as to keep busy every time they kicked us out of Molly's recovery room, was to work on this gift I was making for the ISCU at Evanston Hospital. I had asked the great Vee Hooks, who ruled the front desk of the unit, for a list of all the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and support staff who had helped care for Isaac and Molly during our 132 days on the unit. I crossed stitched all the names (more than 120 of them) in the shape of a heart — the blue names were those who primarily cared for Ike, the pink for Molly, with a lot of crossover. In the center of the heart, I stitched two tiny bears, with Isaac and Molly's names, birthdate, going home dates, birth weights, and discharge weights. We had it framed and presented it to the staff on the unit and it still hangs to this day in the room where they spent the most time.

Home nursing notes:

Midnight: Received Ike from dad asleep upon arrival; woke shortly thereafter. Cried briefly then took 28 ccs of 1/2 formula 1/2 breast milk, burped well and passed flatus. Fell asleep and was placed in crib. Frequently popped out his nasal cannula. Squirming and fussy on and off while sleeping. Woke up crying at 3:00 a.m. and took 25 ccs and had small, wet burp. Fussy during feeding; gave Mylicon. Fell asleep while held then placed in crib, where he was fussy on and off and squirming, but did not wake until 5:00, when he drank 12 ccs, burped well, but refused any more. Fell asleep in crib. Faint white pink point rash noted on check at 7:30. Woke up crying and drank 30 ccs; small wet burp. Face slightly dusky when crying and passing flatus.

Day nurse: Awake and irritable, held and rocked until about 8:20. Slept until 9:15. Took an additional 20 ccs over 15 minutes and fell asleep with bottle in his mouth. Became irritable and cried when bottle remove, but refuses to suck on nipple. Held and rocked with periods of sleeping and irritability. Swaddled and given pacifier and placed in crib at 10:25. Awake and crying at 10:40 Held and rocked, asleep at 11:00. Awake and crying at 11:45. Nippled 30 ccs over 30 minutes. Held, rocked and placed in crib. Cried for 30 minutes and fell asleep briefly at 1:00 p.m. Had tub bath and shampoo. Nippled 25 ccs from 1:45 to 2:15 p.m. Held by RN, sleeping for brief periods, then becomes irritable. Continues to be irritable except wen held. Placed in crib at 2:45; cried briefly then fell asleep. Nippled 30 ccs from 3:30 to 4:00. Burped wet. Passing flatus, irritable and crying.

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