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5/1/92 (Day 167) — Children’s Memorial Day 19

May 1, 2011

Big day. A new month. We finally have plans for Molly to come home on May 6th. Isaac hit the five pound mark (yay!). Dr. Lum also stopped his Theophylline, which turned out to be huge. If you've been following along over the last two weeks, the most common words in these posts have been "fussy" and "irritable". The poor boy was miserable — obviously just so uncomfortable. He barely slept, he snacked instead of eating full meals. He cried and squirmed, and we held him and rocked him until he slept, briefly and fitfully. During this visit to Dr. Lum, we learned that Theophylline, one of the medicines that Ike was taking to help his breathing, had a similar chemical composition to caffeine. At the dose he was getting, it was the equivalent of a whole lot of coffee. No wonder he was irritable. The boy was over caffeinated. Within days, he was a whole new guy. He still doesn't drink anything with caffeine. I guess he had his fill.

Isaac — 5 pounds, 2.5 ounces 

Home nursing notes:

Hi, everybody. This is such a nice place to work! Please keep an eye on the roof of Ike’s mouth. I see a small patch of what looks like it could be thrush. Thanks! I didn’t mention this to his parents — they are sleeping. — Margie

Day nurse: Ike went to Dr. Lum’s office today for a check up. His weight is 5 pounds, 2.5 ounces! However, Dr. Lum would like a little faster weight gain, so he wants 24 cal formula. Mom has instructions. He also had his Theophyllin and ViDaylin d/c’d [Dr. Lum stopped Ike’s vitamin supplements because he would be getting fortified formula]. Isaac has a hydrocele and possible (L) inguinal hernia. We are to watch for any discoloration of his (L) testicle or significant increase in size. Molly will be home Mon! — Ruth 

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