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5/4/92 (Day 170) — Children’s Memorial Day 22

May 4, 2011

Our girl was finally, finally home. These were the three longest weeks of our year of really long weeks. Now we were faced with a whole new medical regime, administering Nitropaste twice a day. I remember feeling very concerned that the A&D would be mixed up with the Nitropaste (foreshadowing the terrible mixup experienced by Dennis Quaid and his preemie twins. We were so lucky, though. Molly's heart had been successfully repaired and she was back in her little room with Isaac, and we had professional nurses to help us at home.

Home nursing notes:

The reason Ike’s Fer-in-Sol was not d/c’d Friday was because Dr. Lum wanted to check a CBC first, which was drawn on Friday. He called this morning with the results: Hgb 10.3. He wants Ike to continue on Fer-in-Sol for another month or until a CBC is rechecked, with with iron in the formula. Dr. Lum also Ok’d Molly using Similac 24 ca with iron so parents won’t have to mix up two batches.

Molly got home at 12:30 today. She looks great! Heart rate and respiratory rate are much improved. Her incision and cutdown sites look good, too. She is on 1/4 liter O2. Her meds are Lasix 2 mg BID (given at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the hospital, but parents want them given at 12 midnight and 12 noon, so we will stair-step it today. She got her 8:00 a.m. dose, parents will give next does at 10 p.m., then tomorrow (5/5) we will be on the midnight/noon schedule. She is also on Nitropaste 2 cm q2°. I think this is something new they are using at Children’s to increase perfusion. There is an example strip Dad has marked on the med tray. We are to alternate all four limbs. Mom made up a chart (on the side of the dresser) that we are to follow and sign. When changing patches, remove old one, wipe it off (try not to get any on your skin, or you’ll get a dose!) and apply the new one to the next extremity. Parents are also concerned that we will get Nitro paste and A&D ointment mixed up (they look a lot alike). Be careful. She also has an improving diaper rash. Parents wish A&D applied with each diaper change. Thanks — Ruth

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