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5/15/92 (Day 181) — Preemies at Home, day 48

May 15, 2011

In putting together this post, I was looking for the medical records for the doctor's appointment mentioned by the nurses in their notes for today. We have literally boxes of records, notes, charts, x-rays, insurance forms and memorabilia from that first year. And bills — lots and lots of medical bills. I finally stumbled across one little clue about this day's appointment — an order change for Molly nitroglycerin treatment from one of her heart surgeons. I realized then that this was her final followup visit with them down at Children's. What remember most about that appointment was being happy that we would never have to see them again. We would follow up a few more times with her pediatric cardiologists, Dr. Cole and his partner, but we were done with the surgeons. I can't say I was sad to see them go. We had never developed the same kind of relationships with the Children's staff that we had with the ISCU staff at Evanston, but maybe that's OK. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be — get in, fix the problem, get out. I'm still grateful that they did such a good job that we never had to go back. While digging through the boxes, I found this wooden ducky that had been taped to her isolette in the ISCU.

Home nursing notes:

Good night. The twins are so cute. I can’t wait til I visit again.  — Kai


Received Isaac from dad, irritable. After changing, Isaac took 17 more ccs of 24 cal formula in addition to the 35 ccs he took for day (total 52 ccs).  Fell asleep in nurse’s arms before being returned to crib. Mild retractions seen when awake along with puffing. Awake and irritable at 1:45 a.m. Eagerly PO’d 20 ccs then burped well, but slowed for the last 10 ccs. Some puffing while eating, but no coughing or gagging. Awake and irritable at 4:20. Hungry again as pacifier wouldn’t do. Took 15 ccs of formula eagerly and burped well, then proceeded to  take an addition 25 ccs more slowly. Fell asleep while being burped. Given Mylicon at 4:30 as Isaac was passing gas as he ate. Awake and fussy at 6:20. Took little eagerly but managed to eat 35 ccs total, puffing a little while eating with nasal flaring. Fussy on and off throughout the day. No bradycardia or apnea. Cardiac/resp. monitor remains on.


Received asleep. Noted retractions while turning over. Heart rate strong and pulses equal. Fussing and crying at 2:15. Nitro paste applied to L leg. Eagerly took 15 ccs of 24 cal formula with iron. Burped well but fell asleep during last 25 ccs and refused more. Some puffing and snorting during feeding with one coughing episode. Back to bed with pacifier. Awake and eager to eat at 5:30 a.m. Given Mylicon with bottle as Molly was passing flatus. After a stop for a diaper change, took total of 55 ccs. Nitropaste patch changed at this time. No apnea or bradycardia noted. Awake and fussy at 8:30 a.m. Slight nasal congestion. Taken to see physician by both parents in the afternoon. Left with portable O2. Returned from physician’s office at 2:20 p.m.. No changes noted in resp. or cardiac status.

Molly’s Nitro changed to 1 cm q 4° untill 0600 on 5/16. Then the nitro is DC’d. That’s all folks. Have a good shift. — Alisa

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