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5/16/92 (Day 182) — Preemies at Home, day 49

May 16, 2011

Here's the little wooden ornament Isaac had taped to his isolette in the NICU. Back then, there were no personalized items with the names "Molly" and "Isaac" unless you had them customized. They're still rare. We've had to buy some pretty ugly trinkets along the way just because they actually had the right names spelled correctly. We thought we had chosen very traditional names with typical spellings, but over the years we've gotten: Issac (all the time), Isak, Issak, Isik, Issik, Isek, Iyssac (I kid you not) and Molie, Mollie, Moly, Molli and Molley. My mom bought them these wooden toys and personalized them with a Sharpie (trust a teacher to figure it out). She even spelled their names right.

This is the summary report from Molly’s pediatric cardiologists, Dr. Cole and Dr. Weigel.

Dear Dan,

This is a summary letter on the recent hospitalization and operative repair that was performed on your patient, Molly Bearman, at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Molly was admitted on April 13th and underwent closure of her larger secundum atrial septal defect and ligation of her patent ductus arteriosus on April 14th by Dr. M and Dr. B from the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery. Postoperatively, Molly did quite well from a cardiac standpoint. She did have recurrent episodes of atelectasis [partial lung collapse] treated with bronchial drainage and prolonged ventilation. Oxygen saturations ranged in the 88 to 94% range secondary to her severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Postoperative echocardiography revealed findings consistent with mild to moderate pulmonary arterial hypertension secondary to severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia. There was no evidence for residual shunting at atrial or ductal levels. Biventricular function was function was normal. Molly was discharged on May 4th on oxygen, 1/4 liter/minute by nasal cannula, and Lasix medication. She is to see the cardiovascular surgeons in one week’s time and will be seeing us in three to four week’s time. A complete operative report [see the 4/15 post for those complete notes] will be sent to you [by the surgeons] once their dictation is complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. Thank you again, Dan, for having referred Molly. Sincerely yours.


Last Nitropaste patch applied at 6:00 a.m. No more Nitropaste!

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